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WHEN annual holidays for employees went from three to 4 weeks most individuals didn’t understand its effect on small to medium-sized business (SMEs), says newly chosen Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce president David Trim.

” The owner of a company with five workers is not making any additional money to pay that additional vacation,” he said.

” Things like that can have a huge result on companies. I’m not saying we should not have done it however we need to have advocacy back to the Government to state, ‘Hey is this truly appropriate for SMEs?’.”.

” There is not truly a strong united voice for small company in New Zealand. The closest we have is the Chamber of Commerce.

” SMEs are the foundation of the nation. They put food on the table and employ 90 per cent of people. We must care for them, treasure them and grow them.”.

The business advancement specialist understands plenty about growing, he was raised on a Northland dairy products farm and completed two cultivation cadetships before moving to Hawke’s Bay as a 20-year-old “because I like pip and stone fruit”.

2He first worked at Pernel Orchard in Hastings prior to managing a nearby orchard, leasing three orchards in Pakowai before he “fell into” consulting.

” My neighbors were being bought out by individuals that had no concept on the best ways to be an orchardist – they thought it was an easy lifestyle.

” My very first consultant client came from Wellington. He was 60 years old, didn’t know how to grow anything and was informed to bring his golf clubs and fishing rod because that was the lifestyle he would have.

” He had no idea – he was offered a dream.”.

Orchards then were 4.8 ha to 6ha and supplied a reasonable living “however it would be quite difficult these days”.

A cost crash in Red Delicious and Granny Smith rates in the mid-1990s saw him taking a job as local sales supervisor for Mainland Products. He was made lower North Island manager then the Lower North island food service supervisor.

It was a time of consolidation in the milk market – “a huge race” – with his final employer Fonterra.

Kiwi Dairies “would toss businesses at me and we would need to merge them into our network”.

” There were layoffs – we would pluck out the synergies and grass the rest, to put it candidly.”.

His last managerial function with Fonterra included 150 personnel and small goods specialists and franchisees. “By default I coached franchisees and contractors to help make more earnings in their companies – that helped the higher cause.

” I actually liked taking the learning from the business maker with its red tape and transforming that into something widely functional for the franchisees on the street every day.

” Likewise I like speaking with the franchisees and the things that hindered them, converting that into corporate speak and taking it up the corporate ladder to say, ‘Look, this is exactly what the people require’.”.

3He said it was a natural step to end up being a company coach and, after going back to Hawke’s Bay for family reasons, selected a United States franchise where he trained, in spite of currently “completely armed” from his own experiences, not least orcharding.

” If I find an ex-orchardist in another business I know I don’t need to stress over budgeting, because an orchardist by default needs to spin things out and fork out all that money before any income comes in.”.

After five years with Action Coach he went independent as David Trim and Associates.

He said people in New Zealand do not comprehend business coaching as a required component “yet we don’t have an issue that a lot of our Olympians have four coaches”.

” In America you walk into a place and you state you are a company coach and you can help them and they say fantastic, jump on board. In New Zealand they roll their eyes and say, ‘What?’.”.

He stated it was rare to discover a company manager with rounded skills.

” It is simple for me to be an all-rounder because I’m not mentally associated with business. When I can find a company that has really great sales I do not have to talk to them about selling, I require to talk to them about operations – they are probably breaking at the joints on the back end. When I find somebody who has handbooks and strategies galore they most likely have nobody strolling in the front doorstep.”.

His business development service “is an investment” that offers a money-back assurance from the coaching.

He chooses the term coach to expert.

” The consultant tends to tell you exactly what is incorrect with your business then leave, whereas a coach shows up next week to see how are we doing and breaks those problems down onto fixable techniques. It’s an investment – you have to be going forward.”.

The service needed a healthy relationship.

I have a guideline that states I can fire you and you can fire me. In my time I have really fired three clients which is really liberating.

He stated he likes event management and drives 2 of the region’s most significant – Relay for Life and Christmas at the Park.

The Christmas event, the largest free occasion in the East coast, will commemorate its 10th anniversary this year.

” It has to do with neighborhood – celebrating Christmas with others and bringing the neighborhood together. It was my vision from the beginning to have professional, totally free occasions because that’s sort of like an oxymoron.

” I believe something changes – it is not a community occasion if you have to pay.

” I wished to develop totally free community occasions were community spirit can be established and Christmas is an excellent backdrop for that. You simply put the two together.

” I like the idea of bringing people together as a neighborhood so we can see who our individuals are. We are living in an age where we do not talk to each other any longer. If you leave your house for a week your neighbors would never know.


” There is something amazing that happens when you look out at Anderson Park and see 25,000 individuals from all walks of life all laughing, all enjoying themselves and enjoying. Where else do we get an entire neighborhood in one location and celebrate something? We have little factions of, state, all the business individuals here and all the quilt makers over there.

” The health of the city has to do with the health of the neighborhood. It is not about the wealth of the community.”.

Preparation for the occasion starts in March.

” Raising $100,000 for the operational spending plan is a significant task. Logistically, as it is close to Christmas it uses up a growing number of my time.”.

He stated he crosses his fingers for financing and sponsorships.

” If it does not can be found in then it’s me. And if I get it wrong on the day then I have packed up my leadership – I haven’t interacted, I have not arranged, I haven’t done all that things and handed over everything it considers a fantastic event.”.

He stated if business neighborhood fretted more about community then business would be better.

” It is remarkable what was found out and taught over a coffee, and networking opportunities at the Chamber are absolutely important for businesses, particularly SMEs. They do not get to speak about business to other company individuals.


” I’m surprised how many merchants open their doors and do not even say hello to the neighbor. It’s incredible, absolutely unbelievable. We have to be more united to assist each other with our businesses.”.

He is running for Napier City Council in the upcoming elections, having been not successful for council in the Taradale Ward and mayor. He likewise lost out in a council by-election in 2014.

He said his lone position in favor of Napier and Hastings councils’ amalgamation was the main reason for defeat.

” In my viewpoint there are not a great deal of company individuals who would say we certainly don’t need amalgamation.

” However, the people have voted and we need to move on and do the very best we can.

” Certainly the shared services are growing by the week as is evidenced by over 50-odd shared services we have now.”.

He said Hawke’s Bay required a lift and ought to become a world authority on its natural strength.

I don’t believe we do go there for anything high caliber.”.

He assessed apple ranges for Hort Research, particularly the Gala Splendour series, dealing with the last 2000 seedlings from the late Dr Don Mackenzie and developed by Allan White.

” Hawke’s Bay must be the pre-eminent location for horticultural research study, developing world-leading products as Tatua Dairy has in Waikato.

” That might put Hawke’s Bay in a better position to attract a various type of the staff member to the Bay – researchers and partners.

” We might be the Silicon Valley of vegetables and fruit.”.

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